January 2023 - Hiroo, Tokyo

NOT A HOTEL EXCLUSIVE HIROO, consisting of five floors above ground and one below, is an exclusive space dedicated primarily for the use of NOT A HOTEL owners. The project involves architectural and interior design and, at present, the completed floors include the restaurant on the basement floor, the library on the first floor, and the lounge with living and dining functions on the third floor.
The design aims to create a neutral space with a sense of quality and warmth similar to that of a private residence. The core concept is based on a "fusion of East and West," reinterpreting the uniquely Japanese sense of space and blending it with a Western sensibility that Katayama himself has been influenced by.
The architecture, which was designed with the intention to create a “monolith” that stands amidst the city of Tokyo, is a massive volume of concrete cast using cedar plank formwork. Inside, a picturesque window captures the relaxing view of the greenery from the neighboring shrine, creating a serene library where visitors can unwind. The lounge on the third floor is devoid of objects and materials that symbolize conventional luxury, incorporating instead details that showcase intricate craftsmanship and exude a sense of quiet sensuality, such as the handmade woven rattan walls and darkly stained wood floors.
By skillfully taking advantage of the surrounding environment and gracefully balancing various spaces with different roles and functionalities, the project has become a place that welcomes and embraces a diverse range of people.


    Hospitality & Residential / Hotel
    Book selection: Yusuke Nakajima(Limart)