About us

Wonderwall is an interior design firm founded by Masamichi Katayama and is known worldwide for its unconstrained approach in actualizing design concepts while respecting conventional and traditional design philosophies. The firm’s strength lies in the ability to conceptualize distinctive spaces that enhance the vision and branding clients aspire, creating environments that would touch the subconscious of the consumer and occupant.

With a focus on interior design, Wonderwall’s work spans across a wide range of professional fields such as creative direction and architectural design direction. Its portfolio encompasses a list of diverse projects around the world including fashion boutiques, branding spaces, and large-scale commercial complexes.

photo : Kazumi Kurigami

Masamichi Katayama / Interior Designer

Principal / Founder of Wonderwall Inc.
Professor at Musashino Art University

1966 Born in Okayama Japan
1992 Co-founded H. Design Associates.  (Folded in 2000)
2000 Founded Wonderwall Inc.
2011 Appointed as Professor at Musashino Art University’sDepartment of Scenography, Space and Fashion Design


Wonderwall Leadership
□ Management
  Hidekado Kurihara, Managing Director
  Yohei Sakamaki, Design Director
□ Chief Interior Designer
  Ryoko Yamagami
  Hiroki Nakamura
  Masaki Fujishima
□ PR / Communication
  Yumiko Shimizu