■  Masamichi Katayama’s SNS

The video features scenes from our office and our projects. (4m45s)

■  Publications : WONDERWALL
The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama | Life is hard… Let’s go shopping. / PARCO Publishing, Japan (2017)
Wonderwall Case Studies / Gestalten, Germany (2016)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 02 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2014)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 01 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2010)
DVD “Professionals” / NHK (NEP), Japan (2010)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects 2 / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2008)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2003)

■ Publications : Special Lecture ” instigator ” at Musashino Art University
How to Set Up Work Rules by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2019)
Creating Your Work of the Future by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2017)
Turn Your Work Into Play by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2015)
Turning Passion Into Work by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2013)

■  Musashino Art University where Katayama serves as a professor
Musashino Art University’s WEB site
Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design’s WEB site

Katayama has received Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 of FRAME, the design magazine in the Netherlands. Last year’s winner was Philippe Starck.
FRAME’s website

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2023.2   design Anthology, Asia Edition, Issue 35  /  Hong Kong

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2022.3.16  Casa BRUTUS Special issue / Japan

2022.2.14  MODERN LIVING  March issue / Japan
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