UNIQLO 311 Oxford Street (2016)

March 2016 - London, UK

The 311 Oxford Street store in London which we worked on in 2007 has expanded its floor space, converting all 5 levels of the building into retail space as a complete renewal. Revolving mannequins have been placed in the windows of each floor, greatly enhancing the store’s presence on the street. In addition to the full lineup of products befitting a global flagship store, a special floor called the “UNIQLO WearHouse London” has been newly installed as an embodiment of UNIQLO’s “LifeWear” concept. This space, reminiscent of London at the time of the Industrial Revolution, is inspired by the idea of directly converting an old warehouse into a store. A separate entrance has been provided so that visitors can proceed directly to this area.

UNIQLO 311 Oxford Street (2016): 311 Oxford St, London

    Retail / Goods