August 2015 - Gion, Kyoto

This store is the third of its series, following Marunouchi and Omotesando. It is a redesign of a 120-year old traditional machiya wooden townhouse that stands within a preservation district of Gion, Kyoto. The space was furnished using only traditional Japanese furniture, which were installed without afecting the existing walls or pillars. On the contrary, modern materials such as glass and mirrored stainless steel, and the void in the entrance space add interest to the atmosphere. Tea and Sake Room “Tasuki” was also built on the project premises. The space was designed to fully appreciate the setting's local charms, taking in the murmuring fow of the Shirakawa River and the changing of the four seasons into the interior. The distinctive characteristics that defne Kyoto, a town built upon a history of tradition and innovation, are applied to both interior design and store management. The project is a full embodiment of PASS THE BATON's concept to “appreciate what already exists, and create new value.”


    Retail / Goods
  • Eatery / Cafe