Homangu Kamado Shrine Juyosho (Amulet Office)

December 2012 - Dazaifu, Fukuoka

Worshippers have long believed the Homangu Kamado Shrine to be home to the god that protects Dazaifu and the god of love and matchmaking. It is also known for the splendor of its cherry blossoms in the spring and its colorful foliage in the fall. The Juyosho is the visitor’s center where the shrine sells ofuda and omamori, talismans and charms to bring good fortune and ward off evil. The building was designed in the image of a “hearth surrounded by an earthen floor”—a reflection of the uniqueness of the land, which is called Kamadoyama (“cooking hearth mountain”) because its shape resembles a cooking hearth. The ways in which various people love is expressed in the random placement of gradiating pale hues of pink marble tiles on the wall, and the shrine’s crest with a cherry blossom motif is used on the ceiling and walls. In addition, on the Kamado Shrine’s viewing deck, benches designed by Jasper Morrison have rotating seats which are adaptable so that people can sit in a variety of directions.

  • Custom-made table for writing on Ema, wooden tablets on which to write one's wishes. Various colored pens and pencils are beautifully stored in a drawer seen through the clear glass top.

  • A bench and chairs, designed by Jasper Morrison, have been placed on the viewing deck which is connected from Juyosho.

Homangu Kamado Shrine Juyosho (Amulet Office): Uchiyama 883, Dazaifu-City, Fukuoka

    Retail / Goods
    Architect: TANEMURA Architect & Associates
    Bench & Chair: Jasper Morrison