August 2012 - Aoyama, Tokyo

"Heritage Revisited"
Mackintosh, the British traditional outerwear brand, has come to Aoyama. The company has opened its second flagship store, following on the opening of its London store in 2010. The classic, elegant atmosphere of the ground floor where the women’s collection is displayed is connected to the factory-like space where the men’s collection is displayed on the upper floor by a classically inspired staircase.
The interior design expresses the rich history of the Mackintosh brand, which―although it has never had a store of its own until the recent opening of its London shop―has continued to make honest clothing, carefully crafted by artisans who have been using the same methods since the early 19th century. The design of the shop takes that long history into consideration and makes the visitor feel as if the shop has existed in this location since a bygone era.


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