March 2012 - Ginza, Tokyo

Global Flagship Store / Ginza, Tokyo
UNIQLO has opened global flagship stores in Europe and the United States, and has now opened a new store in Ginza, Tokyo. The twelve-story building with a full height glass façade serves as a showcase of the UNIQLO brand, and its atrium-like first and second floor creates a voluminous yet controlled space. The vibrant power of UNIQLO is fully incorporated into the design with symbolic features of the global flagship stores featured prominently such as revolving mannequins in the display windows, digital signage utilizing slat LED louvers, and displays where visitors can see the massive selection of merchandise. Each floor has its distinct style contrasting with the integrated horizontal flow that goes through the twelve floors. Heightened density and a sense of openness coexist in the space, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the UNIQLO world to the fullest. Opening its first global flagship store in 2006, the UNIQLO global flagship stores have never stopped evolving.

  • Exterior: The 12 story building is created to look as if it is a 6 story building from the outside with window sections spanning every 2 floors.

  • Exterior

  • Exterior

  • Exterior

  • Exterior

  • 1F: “Welcome Gate” with spinning mannequin showcase

  • 1F: Spinning mannequin showcase

  • 1F: Looking up towards the 2nd floor from 1st floor

  • 1F: LED louvers

  • 2F: “Season Selection” and double height spinning mannequin showcase

  • 2F

  • 4F: “Women’s Smart Casual”

  • 5F: “Women’s Casual”

  • 7F:”Kids & Baby”

  • 7F

  • 10F: “UNIQLO x UNDERCOVER” Installation: Kazuya Sasaki(Small Clone)

  • 10F

  • 11F: “UT STORE”

  • 11F

  • 11F

  • 11F: Façade detail of “UT STORE”


UNIQLO Ginza: 6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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