May 2006 - Aoyama, Tokyo

A collaborative concept design project by Katayama and the NY based contemporary artist KAWS, OriginalFake is a unique store featuring one-of-a-kind products produced by the artist. The signature "OriginalFake" derives from the provocative features of the giant figurine, currently placed as a dividing element in the middle of the store, which symbolizes their daring challenge on how much a single element can conjure itself into various expressions. Other elements, such as the color difference seen on the flooring finish, represent the concept of "original" versus "fake " merged together in a single store. Giving a sense of history to an imaginary object, Katayama and KAWS made an attempt to bring 2-D into a 3-D world. The custom made tiles, seeming sophisticated from afar, bears a "tasteful joke" up close.


    Retail / Goods
    Graphic design: KAWS
    Object production: GELCHOP