SPRZ NY / UNIQLO New York Fifth Avenue

March 2014 - New York, USA

"UNIQLO's global Infrastructure"
UNIQLO's largest global flagship store located on Fifth Avenue in New York. Visitors will immediately feel exalted as they enter the massive space which is filled with merchandise all the way to the 3rd floor. The escalators act as transfer devices leading to the 3rd floor, the largest floor in the store. Wonderwall concocted the idea of using the escalators as well as the elevators as vehicles to advertise the merchandise. Digital signage is employed abundantly throughout the shop, heightening the entertainment component to the environment. Taking full advantage of the vast space enables the installation of mind-blowing presentations, embracing not only the design but also the functions, which make the shop look like an international airport. In some ways, this is a showcase of Uniqlo to the world and further emphasizing the concept of the global flag shop concept that Katayama created together with UNIQLO.
In 2014, the entire second floor was renovated to house a new project called SPRZ NY. With the cooperation of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the store carried t-shirts and small items featuring works of New York artists, and the store was redesigned into a museum-like space with glass display cases and other elements to highlight the floor's distinctive quality. A Starbucks store also opened on the same floor.

SPRZ NY / UNIQLO New York Fifth Avenue: 666 5th Ave, New York, NY, USA

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