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The video features scenes from our office and our projects. (4m45s)

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The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama | Life is hard… Let’s go shopping. / PARCO Publishing, Japan (2017)
Wonderwall Case Studies / Gestalten, Germany (2016)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 02 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2014)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 01 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2010)
DVD “Professionals” / NHK (NEP), Japan (2010)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects 2 / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2008)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2003)

■ Publications : Special Lecture ” instigator ” at Musashino Art University
Creating Your Work of the Future by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2017)
Turn Your Work Into Play by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2015)
Turning Passion Into Work by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2013)

■  Musashino Art University where Katayama serves as a professor
Musashino Art University’s WEB site
Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design’s WEB site

2018.7.1  The Japan Times (WEB / English)
2018.7.2  The Japan Times (Newspaper / English) / Japan
2018.7.2  Casa BRUTUS Special Edition / Japan
2018.7.28  Casa BRUTUS.com (WEB / Japanese)
2018.7.30  FASHIONSNAP (WEB / Japanese)

2018.6.24  UOMO August issue
2018.6.26  Shonan Style August issue

2018.5.14  WWD JAPAN / Japan
2018.5.15  BRUTUS issued on 6.1 / Japan
2018.5.25  ELLE DECOR ITALIA / WEB  (English)

2018.4.19  PLUG No.50 / Japan
2018.4.28  Kanagawa Shinbun (newspaper) / Japan

2018.5.14  WWD JAPAN / Japan
2018.5.15  BRUTUS on 6.1 / Japan

Katayama is appearing on a TV show for 3 weeks!

Katayama is appearing on a Fuji Television show “Hakuchumu” hosted by Rika Nakai (NGT48) and Seiko Ito for 3 consecutive weekly episodes.
In addition to “PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS AOYAMA,” Katayama will introduce Wonderwall’s office and talk about various topics while showing the space.

Fuji Television “Hakuchumu”
April 8 (Sun) 25:35 – 26:05 (Aired last week)
April 15 (Sun) 25:31 – 26:01
April 22 (Sun) 25:25 – 25:55

Hosts: Rika Nakai (NGT48), Seiko Ito
“Hakuchumu” Website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/hakuchumu/(Japanese)

* TV programs and schedule are subject to change without prior notice.


Project Update

Images of our website have been updated.

* Bistrot Glorious Café

This is a café by DIESEL whose expansive horizons include not only fashion but lifestyle. The space is designed to maintain the brand’s robust stoutness while incorporating visual warmth to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Inside, the café connects directly to the flagship store, making it a new entryway that leads one from the city into DIESEL’s world.

* Katayama will make a guest appearance on TV!

Katayama will appear on a TV show “Hakuchumu” hosted by Rika Nakai and Seiko Ito to talk about his thoughts on interior design. Wonderwall’s office space and a 2016 project “PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS AOYAMA” will also be introduced in the program.

Fuji Television “Hakuchumu”
April 8 (Sun) 25:35 – 26:05
April 25 (Sun) 25:31 – 26:01
Hosts: Rika Nakai (NGT48), Seiko Ito
“Hakuchumu” Website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/hakuchumu/(Japanese)

* TV programs and schedule are subject to change without prior notice.

Media Information

* 2018.3.6 Discover Japan April issue/ Japan
Project: JAPAN HOUSE London (Project planned for completion in 2018. Photos of scale models are featured in the article)
* 2018.3.23 Forbes JAPAN / WEB / Japanese
“How to Enjoy Art by Masamichi Katayama”


2018.3  TV ASAHI DOUGA “Musée du MOMOCLO” / Japan (2018.2~ supervisor
2018.3.1  KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL 2018s/s / Japan
2018.3.6  Discover Japan April issue / Japan)
2018.3.23  Forbes Japan / WEB (Japanese)
2018.3.25  Forbes Japan May issue / Japan

2018.2    GQ February issue / China
2018.2.1  eclat March issue / Japan
2018.2.10  Casa BRUTUS March issue / Japan
2018.2.15  Casa BRUTUS.com / WEB (Japanese)
2018.2.15~ TV ASAHI DOUGA “Musée du MOMOCLO” supervisor / Japan