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The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama | Life is hard… Let’s go shopping. / PARCO Publishing, Japan (2017)
Wonderwall Case Studies / Gestalten, Germany (2016)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 02 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2014)
WONDERWALL ARCHIVES 01 / PARCO Publishing, Japan(2010)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects 2 / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2008)
Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects / Frame Publishers, Netherland(2003)

The video features scenes from our office and our projects. (4m45s)

■ Publications : Special Lecture ” instigator ” at Musashino Art University
Turn Your Work Into Play by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2015)
Turning Passion Into Work by Professor Katayama / Magazine House, Japan(2013)

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1. News

THE BANK 1 Year Reopening Anniversary

It has been one year since Wonderwall revived THE BANK, a bar located in Kamakura which had once closed with the passing of the former owner Kaoru Watanabe. To celebrate its 1-year anniversary since reopening, an exhibition dedicated to the late owner and legendary art director will be held in the newly opened event space THE BLANK located on the second floor of THE BANK. This exhibition marks the second event to be held at THE BLANK, and will feature items Katayama inherited from Kaoru Watanabe including scrapbooks that were sources of Kaoru’s creative inspiration, as well as other items that were closely connected to his life.

We invite you to come marvel at Kaoru’s perspective on the second floor of THE BANK, a bar which is itself a culmination of this legendary art director’s aesthetic philosophy.


Saturday, October 7 – Sunday, November 19, 2017
Weekdays: 17:00 – 24:00
Saturday & Sunday: 15:00 – 25:00
Closed: Monday & Tuesday

Location: THE BLANK
Address: THE BANK 2F, Yuigahama 3-1- 1, Kamakura, Kanagawa
Photos of the event will be updated on Instagram @theblank_kamakura

An event space located on the second floor of the bar THE BANK in Kamakura. Events and exhibitions are held here under the curatorial direction of THE BANK.
“The Collector 4” by Adrian Ghenie will appear in a London auction

One of Katayama’s collected art pieces, “The Collector 4” by Adrian Ghenie, will appear in an auction tonight at PHILLIPS in London as part of its “20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale.” This auction follows the single owner auction that was held last month in New York.

Please check the website for details:

20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale

Auction Date/Time: Friday, October 6, 2017 from 17:00 – (BST)
Auction Location: PHILLIPS London (30 Berkeley Square, London)


2. Project Update

Images of our website have been updated.

Scye Mercantile

This is the first-ever boutique for “Scye,” a fashion brand led by Hideaki Miyahara and Hisayo Hidaka. The concept returns to the basics with the keyword “mercantile”—the interaction between the storekeeper who presents his products with genuine enthusiasm, and the client who relishes the selection process. The brand is the result of a creative duo who, while influenced by English tailoring, have devoted themselves to the creation of clothes with unique sensibilities. The store is designed to embody such honest and sincere qualities of the brand in a space which brings back to life the stores of the olden days within a modern setting.


3. Media Information

* 2017.9 Wallpaper* October issue/ UK
Project: domaine tetta
* 2017.9.6 Discover Japan October issue/ Japan
* 2017.9.15 Asahi Shinbun Digital/WEB(Japanese)
Project: THE BANK (1st half)
* 2017.9.29 Asahi Shinbun Digital/WEB(Japanese)
Project: THE BANK (2nd half)


2017.10.10  Casa BRUTUS November issue/ Japan
2017.10.11  HOUYHNHNM / WEB (Japanese)

2017.9  Wallpaper* October issue / UK
2017.9.6 Discover Japan October issue / Japan
2017.9.15 Asahi Shinbun Digital / WEB(Japanese)
2017.9.29 Asahi Shinbun Digital / WEB(Japanese)

1. News

A new event space THE BLANK will open on the second floor of THE BANK, a bar in Kamakura which was brought back to life by Katayama according to the wishes of the former owner Kaoru Watanabe. THE BLANK will open as a place that will host events curated by THE BANK.

The first of its series will feature Hiroshima’s plant shop Qusamura, whose concept is to present a unique sense of beauty through plants that “look good,” and the Kamakura-based Utsuwa Shoken who organizes exhibitions that illustrate the beauty of Japanese utsuwa (term for bowls and vessels) in various locations.

This will be the first collaboration in Kamakura for the two connoisseurs, who met through a Hiroshima-based ceramist. The product lineup will feature unique yet irresistible plants from Qusamura; Utsuwa Shoken will select beautiful, simple earthen utsuwa with reliable quality and strong presence. There will be pieces which feature Qusamura’s plants potted inside containers selected by Utsuwa Shoken.
No two items are alike; please come and visit THE BLANK to see them in person.
Resonance: presence and its object

Dates: Friday, September 1 – Sunday, September 10, 2017
Closed: Monday & Tuesday
Hours: Saturday & Sunday 15:00 – 25:00; Weekdays 17:00 – 24:00
Qusamura owner Kohei Oda will be present on September 1 – 3

[Location] THE BLANK
[Address] THE BANK 2F, Yuigahama 3-1-1, Kamakura, Kanagawa
Photos of the event will be updated on Instagram @theblank_kamakura
2. New Opening

* 2017.8.26 Scye Mercantile
[ Retail(Goods)/ Sendagaya,Tokyo / Interior Design ]
address: 3-54-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo[map]

Scye, a brand known for its unique style of clothing made by Hideaki Miyahara and Hisayo Hidaka, has opened its first boutique. The store offers collections not only of “Scye” and “SCYE BASICS,” but will also exclusively feature the debut of the capsule collection “Scye Mercantile.”

3. Media Information

*2017.8.1 Fashionsnap.com / WEB(Japanese)
Project: Scye Mercantile
*2017.8.10 Casa BRUTUS 9月号 / 日本
Katayama talks about his collection of chairs.
*2017.8.17-23 MONOCLE The Summer Weekly
Prpject: THE BANK
*2017.8.21 FASHION HEADLINE / WEB(Japanese)
Project: Scye Mercantile

2017.8.1 Fashionsnap.com / WEB(Japanese)
2017.8.15  YOHO! boy / China (6 pages)
2017.8.17-23 MONOCLE – The Summer Weekly / UK
2017.8.21 FASHION HEADLINE / WEB(Japanese)
2017.8.22  TOKYO ART BEAT / WEB(Japanese)
2017.8.22 Bijutsu Techo / WEB(Japanese)

1. News

Exhibition Catalog Now Available In Stores!

The catalog for the exhibition “The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama | Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.” which opened from April 8 to June 25, 2017 is now available starting with the art/design sections of bookstores such as Daikanyama Tsutaya Books and on Amazon. We hope you pick up your copy!
Title: The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama “Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.”
Design: Naomi Hirabayashi
Photos: Mitsuo Okamoto
Details: 32cm x 21.4cm (cover size), 272 pages, hardcover, full-color.
Language: Japanese/English
Price: 6,000 JPY + Tax
* Photos from the exhibition is now up on the Wonderwall website. Please check the Project Update section.

2. Project Update
Images of new project have been updated to our website.

The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama –
Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.

A museum exhibition of over 500 items from Katayama’s personal collection of contemporary art, photography, vintage furniture, antiques, taxidermy, succulent plants, books, CDs, etc. The show assembled and displayed at once Katayama’s various sources of inspiration. The exhibition space, which was designed by Wonderwall, is a vast 900㎡ expanse which was divided into 17 different rooms. Using the connective passages as part of the composition, the bold design invoked a sense of wonder in which new doors would open up, enticing the visitor to walk through the journey.


An event display for the thirty-year anniversary of Nike’s signature sneaker AIR MAX. In collaboration with hair and make-up artist Asami Nemoto, we created a dry landscape garden karesansui using white AIR MAX sneakers inside the exhibition space at Hyokeikan in the Tokyo National Museum. Actual AIRMAX sneakers in their full color were displayed to rotate and float on top of the garden creation.The display captures the event’s overarching theme of “AIR MAX GENEALOGY” (and its story of revolution) by integrating futuristic movements with elements of Japanese tradition and culture.





2017.7.6  ONESTORY / WEB (Japanese)
2017.7.7  CREA August issue / Japan
2017.7.11  design boom / WEB (English)
2017.7.20  ONESTORY / WEB (Japanese)
2017.7.20 FIGARO japon / Japan

2017.6.13  Japan Design Net / WEB (Japanese)
2017.6.16  WEB GOETHE / WEB (Japanese)
2017.6.17  Bijutsu-techo July issue /  Japan
2017.6.27  Architectual Digest  / WEB (English)

2017.5.6  Mrs. June issue / Japan
2017.5.18  Pen Online / WEB / Japan
2017.5.23  UOMO July issue / Japan
2017.5.23  SPUR July issue /  Japan
2017.5.24  GOETHE July issue /  Japan
2017.5.29  The Japan Times / Japan(English)
2017.5.30  Sanchi / WEB (Japanese)