March 2014 - Melbourne, Australia

The project entailed the design for the entire interior space of a recently remodeled shopping center located in the center of Melbourne, Australia. We infused the facility with the spirit of this vibrant city―an ethnically diverse melting pot that is overflowing with nature, and the unique and bustling café culture that color the laneways running between the main streets. Based on an umbrella theme of a “Cultured Strata,” the design and materials used in the different sections of the shopping center reflect specific concept keywords: “Synchronized Diversity,” “Organic Transformation,” “Matured Contemporary,” and “Golden Surprise.” The facility, while rooted in the grounds of the community, also introduces a fresh new air into the city.

EMPORIUM MELBOURNE: 287 Lonsdale Street Melbourne Australia

    Commercial Complex / Commercial Complex
  • Retail / Shopping complex