the SOHO

March 2010 - Aomi, Tokyo

Wonderwall took part in the interior design and overall architectural design direction of this office complex with services and amenities that would match a luxury hotel. The visitor’s vision is manipulated as one approaches the chic, monochromatic façade when looking upward to see the bold multi-colored wall appearing from the inside. The potentiality of the building is elevated by implementing high-design in common areas such as the lobby and the library on the ground floor, and the spa, fitness gym, and bar lounge on the top floor.

  • Exterior

  • Multi-colored wall.

  • (13F) gym

  • (13F) Spa

  • (13F) Shower room

  • (RF) Sky Terrace

  • (1F)the Salon

the SOHO: 2-7-4 Aomi Koto-ku Tokyo

    Offices / Office complex