NEWS LETTER on 2017.11.27

November 28, 2017

1. Project Update
Images of our website have been updated.

* domaine tetta

New photos of domaine tetta have been uploaded on the website. We hope you enjoy the new images as they capture the project under the sunny autumn light against the backdrop of vibrant nature.

The project is for a winery which also produces its own grapes. The line of production begins as grapes are harvested and carried into the facility, selected, pressed, fermented, and aged. A facility designed to streamline this process ultimately resulted in a simple concrete mass-like structure. To implement gravity-flow to stream wine naturally from higher to lower levels, the first floor is designed to receive/unload the grapes and facilitate initial production stages; wine then flows down to the underground levels for fermentation and aging, and the finished bottles ultimately depart from the shipping zone. This entire flow of production, which can be viewed from the first floor winery shop, has been designed to function with utmost efficiency.

2. News

Katayama to appear on radio:

BEAMS TOKYO CULTURE STORY is a radio show hosted by BEAMS, a major Tokyo fashion brand whose mission is to foster new cultures through objects and things. Katayama will appear as a guest for a full week as the show introduces new stories and cultures that define the city of Tokyo.

November 27 (Mon) – December 1 (Fri)

DJ: Hiroshi Doiji (BEAMS/ Communication director)

InterFM897 (Kanto Area) 17:40 – 17:55(Mon-Fri)
Radio NEO (Chukyo Area) 17:40 – 17:55(Mon-Fri)
FM COCOLO (Kansai Area) 19:43 – 19:58(Mon-Thu/ Fri 18:43 – 18:58)
Also available on Radiko and radiocloud.jp.

Please visit the URL below for more information.

※TV programs and schedule are subject to change without prior notice.


Exhibition: Kaoru Watanabe’s Scrapbooks is extended!

By popular demand, the exhibition “Kaoru Watanabe’s Scrapbooks” currently on show at THE BLANK will be extended until Sunday, January 7, 2018. This exhibition was planned in celebration of THE BANK’s one-year anniversary since reopening, and is dedicated to the late legendary art director and THE BANK’s former owner, Kaoru Watanabe.

THE BANK 1 Year Reopening Anniversary
“Kaoru Watanabe’s Scrapbooks”

Saturday, October 7 – Sunday, January 7, 2018
Weekdays: 17:00 – 24:00
Saturday & Sunday: 15:00 – 25:00
Closed: Monday & Tuesday
Location: THE BLANK
Address: THE BANK 2F, Yuigahama 3-1- 1, Kamakura, Kanagawa

Photos of the event will be updated on Instagram @theblank_kamakura

An event space located on the second floor of the bar THE BANK in Kamakura. Events and exhibitions are held here under the curatorial direction of THE BANK.


3. Media Information

* 2017.11.15 Cassa BRUTUS special number “a Room with Sound”
Project: BLAMINK

* 2017.11.24 GOETHE January (2018) issue / Japan
Talk: Christel Takigawa x Katayama at her serial “Ima ichiban kininaru shigoto (Work she cares the most)” (4 pages)