News Letter on 2017.7.28

July 31, 2017

1. News

Exhibition Catalog Now Available In Stores!

The catalog for the exhibition “The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama | Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.” which opened from April 8 to June 25, 2017 is now available starting with the art/design sections of bookstores such as Daikanyama Tsutaya Books and on Amazon. We hope you pick up your copy!
Title: The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama “Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.”
Design: Naomi Hirabayashi
Photos: Mitsuo Okamoto
Details: 32cm x 21.4cm (cover size), 272 pages, hardcover, full-color.
Language: Japanese/English
Price: 6,000 JPY + Tax
* Photos from the exhibition is now up on the Wonderwall website. Please check the Project Update section.

2. Project Update
Images of new project have been updated to our website.

The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama –
Life is hard… Let’s go shopping.

A museum exhibition of over 500 items from Katayama’s personal collection of contemporary art, photography, vintage furniture, antiques, taxidermy, succulent plants, books, CDs, etc. The show assembled and displayed at once Katayama’s various sources of inspiration. The exhibition space, which was designed by Wonderwall, is a vast 900㎡ expanse which was divided into 17 different rooms. Using the connective passages as part of the composition, the bold design invoked a sense of wonder in which new doors would open up, enticing the visitor to walk through the journey.


An event display for the thirty-year anniversary of Nike’s signature sneaker AIR MAX. In collaboration with hair and make-up artist Asami Nemoto, we created a dry landscape garden karesansui using white AIR MAX sneakers inside the exhibition space at Hyokeikan in the Tokyo National Museum. Actual AIRMAX sneakers in their full color were displayed to rotate and float on top of the garden creation.The display captures the event’s overarching theme of “AIR MAX GENEALOGY” (and its story of revolution) by integrating futuristic movements with elements of Japanese tradition and culture.