Wonderwall Case Studies

2016 BOOK

Wonderwall Case Studies is the first comprehensive exploration of the work, process, and mind-set of the Japanese interior designer Masamichi Katayama, founder and principal of Wonderwall, one of the most influential interior design firms in the world. Highlighting eleven milestone projects in the firm’s 15-year history—from the development of a brand space for Lexus, one of Japan’s premium auto manufacturers; to the global flagship design of Uniqlo, the world’s favourite store for clothing staples—the book presents rich documentation of a portfolio brimming with international projects, exciting collaborations, and an impressive list of clientele. Visual essays throughout the book showcase the Wonderwall working culture. An in-depth profile, written by the M+ design curator Aric Chen, provides insight into Katayama’s early years, education, key influences and major professional achievements. And a final catalogue section presents a visual overview of twenty-three additional agency projects, highlighting Wonderwall’s global reach and renown. Wonderwall Case Studies, edited and designed by Winkreative, is an engaging and exciting book for interior design students, industry dilettantes, and professionals searching for inspiration. Nowhere else has Katayama’s unique approach, and his uniquely brilliant environments, been so deeply documented.

Design & Editorial:Winkreative


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